- The Idea

Both of us have always been interested in travelling, meeting people and experiencing other cultures. Additionally, what unites the two of us are the experiences we made sailing with young students on board traditional sailing ships. ... more

- The Route

Here, you can find the overall plan of a possible route from Neuharlingersiel in Germany to Cape Town in South Africa via the so-called "Eastern Route" through Africa ... more

- 4-wheel-nomads are

Juliane, born in 1981, holds a university degree in Educational Science, Psychology and Sports and at the moment works as a teacher at a small German boarding school. After graduating from high school ... more

- 4-wheel-nomads' Philosophy

Overlanding, according to “Overland Journal“ is described as “self-reliant adventure travel to remote destinations where the journey is the primary goal.“

Reaching these destinations ... more

- The Land Rover

The Land Rover, since 1990 called Land Rover “Defender“, is not only one of the very few “real“ 4x4-vehicles with high offroad capabilities, due to its box-shape and its riveted, multi-panelled structure, it also is a highly versatile vehicle that can easily ... more

- Gear

Information on all the gear we carry with us in our Land Rover wherever we go ... more

- Planning and Paperwork

Information on all kinds of paperwork connected with overloading, such as the "Carnet du Passages", health insurance, visa and more ...


- Sponsoring and Support

A lot of people have helped us in the process of converting the Land Rover, in planning our gap year and in so many other respects ... Others sponsored us to make the journey possible! Here, you can find them all (hopefully we didn't forget anybody!) ... more

- Nomadic Inspiration, Information and Fellow Nomads

The following websites (and fellow nomads), magazines and books helped us a lot in the planning phases. ... more