Sossusvlei and Dead Vlei

On our way from Swakopmund to Sossusvlei, we could stop every five minutes because the landscape simply is impressively beautiful: from sea to sand dunes to moon landscapes, painted mountains to desert dunes again ... It seems as if Namibia is one continent in one country.


Big sanddunes near Walvis Bai


... on the moon?


Like in a painting ... but then that would be "unreal"!


Solitaire "Lodge" ... rather an Australian-style roadhouse ... but not bad!

... outdoor kitchen!


Beautiful - but the dust is everywhere! EVERYWHERE!


Sossusvlei and Dead Vlei

The Namib, which follows the complete coastline of Namibia, is the oldest desert on this planet, between three and four million years old. Anouk really loves the red sand and clearly states that the Namib is her favourite desert - far more beautiful than the Sahara which she didn't like that much!


"Fairy Circles" - no magic behind them, though: it's the termites who simply love the grass and eat it up completely in a circle ... other vegetation doesn't exist! Anouk still thinks the circles are magic!


Nature can be sooo beautiful!


The ever moving sand!


In the Dead Vlei Anouk wants to spend her honeymoon (still a long way to go, though!).

The "Dead Vlei" ... one of the most "magic" places we have ever been to ... just "made by nature"!


Everything ...

... is a matter of perspective!


It is so very wonderful that we are allowed to experience all this as a family! Nobody can ever take this away from us!



This dune is called "Big Mama"


From Sossusvlei and Dead Vlei we move on further down south to Lüderitz, again driving through an ever changing landscape full of natural wonders.


Mischa on the lookout ...


... for the beautiful "Namib Feral Horses".


It is not a 100% sure where these horses originate from, but the most logic explanation is that the soldiers of the German "Schutztruppe" set them free just before surrendering in 1915. Beautiful horses!


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