How Can I Support 4-wheel-nomads?

Supporting 4-wheel-nomads or any other nomad or traveller can be done in so many different ways! Sometimes it's the offer of a place to stay for the night, sometimes it's a certain “know-how“ or contact persons that might help in various situations. Maybe, you could recommend us to somebody in countries we might (should) visit. Sometimes support might be reciprocal, so that in case we could help somebody while traveling, he/she might give us the opportunity to meet the locals while helping out. For our kind of travel, this is exactly the support we are looking for.

There certainly also is another kind of support: if you want to support our marketing, support us with gear or even financially, we'd certainly be very happy about that.

If you have other ideas, please let us know! We are happy about every single new contact, new ideas and any possible cooperation.

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