Routes Less Travelled by

Whereever we travel, we usually travel along routes less travelled by. We are not after touristy sights, but want to experience nature, cultures and people. As this blog is not concentrating on one "big trip" only, on this page, we want to inform about our short term and long term projects.

The Gap Year

Our long term project has become our daily reality and we have been on the road for the last eight months!

The beginning of the story: Australia, for a long time, was top of the list for “the big trip“, because we simply love the place and people. Still, Cairo to Cape Town has always been and still is one of Mischa’s favourite routes. Unfortunately, the political situation in some parts of East-Africa and even more so in Syria makes travelling large sections of the original route overland a bit uncomfortable, so our eyes focused on the Panamerican Highway. Then, Senegalese friends made us rethink Transafrica via the western route. ... The idea was to travel from our home in Northern Germany to Spain and Portugal and then to Morocco and from there on find out where the roads would take us! Unfortunately, due to the Ebola virus outbreak in Western Africa, we changed that plan as well!

After reading “Vagabonding“ and “Slow Travel“ and hundreds of blogs on the internet, we actually became more and more convinced that too much planning limits any kind of trip and experience. Tightly planning seems to be allright for tourism; letting things really happen and enjoying the experiences (or at least seeing the benefit of it on the long run) is what travelling should be about. Also, many “routes“ are based on guidebook information on important “sights“ and, thus, you have to share your impressions with many other visitors. Travelling the roads less traveled by in the backcountry is what makes you meet people, experience nature ... and yourself! That’s what we are looking for!

But even without a pre-fixed route-plan it’s good to have at least some idea on where a trip could go. Here is an outline of both our planned and real "routes".

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