Cape Agulhas Revisited

With a heavy heart we finally leave Cape Town. We have reached the geographical "final destination" of our Transafrican adventure and our Landy "Nyati" we have handed over to Duncan Johnson from "African Overlanders" to be container-shipped within the next couple of days.


It is always hard to say goodbye ... even though it is "just" a car and only for some few weeks! Such a sturdy and reliable car!


The last three weeks were again packed with many more interesting and exciting personal encounters. Cape Town, we will come back! For sure!

Everything that comes now is emotionally - both euphoric and melancholic - and geographically already "homeward bound" ... a higgledy-piggledy roller coaster!


With a very inspiring stopover at the boat-builders "Scapeyachts" in Somerset West we once again drive to Cape Agulhas, this time in a strangely "low-on-the-tar" rental car.


Our rental car ... nice, but lowslung ... we felt the skin on our backsides was in danger!


During this visit we only briefly visit the iconic "Cape Agulhas Backpackers", as we stay with Erin and Malan, the owners of the backpackers, who had invited us to their place at the end of our last stay here some weeks ago.

Cape Agulhas is exactly the right place after so very impressive weeks in Cape Town ... sedately-quiet but together with the "locals" not at all boring.

Inside Braai ... don't know why it is not normal in German houses to have a proper fireplace!?

The girls all-time favorites: chocolate bananas directly out of the fire!


... no words! ...


On our first day we relax in front of the burning and crackling wood in the fireplace while outside a storm blows with horizontal rain hitting the windows - typical North Sea weather. The kids, our two and the twins Daniella and Isabelle, play cheerfully as if they have known each other for years now, and friends, neighbors and family just pop in - wonderfully uncomplicated! Maybe even a bit like at home on our little German sandbank-island Spiekeroog!

The next day the girls spend shopping at the café of a fancy, newly re-opened beachhouse-deko-shop ("Potpourrie") while the men work on their notebooks.

Because the next day is expected to be a sunny one, we are easily persuaded by Erin and Malan to stay another night.

We spend that day together with our host-family and their border collie "Lava".


We go on a long beach walk in the sun and plan to have lunch at the wonderfully rustic beachside-restaurant "Pelican" where all the locals seem to meet and we properly stay out late boozing with seafood at its best, a couple of good drinks and amusing company.


Mmh, lekker! ... The abalone is farmed!


Erin's father picks up all the 7 children of the complete "extended family", now including our two daughters, to have a pancake-game-party at the grandparent's place.

For us this actually ends up with thronging in a very compact car hopping from one party to the other where we meet even more interesting people.

Late in the evening we pick up our sated and tired children, who fall into their beds immediately when home ... and sink in even some more in front of the warming fire in the fireplace.


On top of the southernmost lighthouse in Africa!


If we hadn't continued traveling the next following day, we would probably get caught here. This immense warmth at a so wonderfully relaxed place is sooooo very good for us now!

But we also want to spend a lot of time together with our friends Stan und Anne Weakley ("Slowdonkey")) and their family in Chintsa near East London, especially so due to the fact that Stan was traveling in Angola during our last visit.


We met Stan and Anne in Ethiopia, then again in Kenya, met Anne in Chintsa some weeks ago ... and now it's time to get together again including Stan!


We drive on an eastward course through the beautiful "Karoo" and have a short stoppover in Oudtshoorn at the "Backpacker's Paradise". It is so very cold (around three degrees Celsius), the ostrich-dinner is so very tasty and the gregarious round around the fireplace is so nice that nobody actually wants to leave their seats!

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