Adigrat Photo Safari – A walk from the kindergarten to the market

One morning, we walk from the kindergarten to Adigrat's main market place not taking a Bajaj  to simply take in some more impressions.

School children who have "afternoon shift" sitting over some homework - right next to the kindergarten's gate.

Near the main road, children herd the sheep - rural life in the middle of Adigrat.

Road conditions - only two crossroads away from the main road from Mekelle to Adigrat. Wheel articulation is the absolute necessity!

A small shop at the main road - "Bagdad Road" it's called because of the many collapsed houses which had to give way for the new main road.

Old and new housing - nearly village life right in the middle of Adigrat.

Yes, people call this their home!

The Muslim quarters.

Colourful flowers.

St Mary's Place

An old lady selling fresh chick peas.

Beniam's battered Bajaj - Beniam, originally a lawyer, was our "personal" Bajaj-driver who was an immense help and a wonderful man to talk to.

Oops - poor Landy! Bus stop, resting place for a guard, or what exactly is it?

The tailors' quarter.

Meeting point.

The jewellers' quarter. You can't imagine the beautiful jewellery that's sold here!


Rich and poor, old and new, American and (Indian-)Ethiopian ... so many different things and concepts directly next to each other!


Charcoal maker and firewood seller ... charcoal is pretty much expensive at 150 Birr a sack (approx. 6 Euros)

Shop selling products made of a certain type of grass, such as fans to keep the fire burning and hats.

At the market

The main market in Adigrat is open every day from daybreak to sunset, but on Mondays, the market is really big, because then the people from the villages come to Adigrat to sell their products.

Approaching the market.

Live chicken.

Buy the raw material or ready made fans, hats and other things made of grass.

Spices, lentils and the base for "Churro", the yellow sauce that goes with Injera.

More spices.

Village vegetables.

Butter balls freshly made.

Pots and pans and other kitchen accessories.

Everyday things made from wrought recycled metal.

The blacksmiths' quarters at the market.

Anouk in between fruit and vegetable stalls holding her newly purchased fan.

Fruit and vegetable stall.

Waiting in line at a spice stall ... The young woman in the back carries a stone to bake Injera on on her back.

Sugar cane.

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