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4-wheel nomads On The Road Again

What a good feeling it is to be on the road again, even though it is a bit challenging sometimes, as our domestic life during the last few months changed our perspectives a bit (Anouk, for example, went hysteric because of a cockroach in the showers ...).


Again just as the trips overlanding before, we have experienced a lot of friendliness so far this time, even though people here behave differently than they do back home (they seem to be a lot more earnest over here) and we have to adapt to that. It’s as simple as that - just different not strange! The only situation where we did not feel comfortable was in our home-country Germany when we tried to get some night’s sleep at an “Autobahn“ parking lot and some really strange people stopped their car directly next to us letting the engine run for about half an hour loudly discussing something even though the rest oft he parking lot was empty. No problems in Poland and the Czech Republic so far!

Unfortunately, we are not going to Ukraine, as a Ukrainian friend told us via email that there is a partial mobilisation going on which seems to be causing some kind of tense mood in the country. We’ll have to come back some other time!

The Route

From the campsite near Königstein/Sachsen (see the campsites and accommodation section for our comments) we went southwards to Frydland in the Czech Republic. During the evening and the next following morning, our daughter Sóley suddenly developed a high fever and we decided to go to a doctor in the German city of Görlitz just about 45 km away from us. Sóley is all right again now and what exactly caused the fever we could not find out, but we were able to stock up on medication just in case the fever comes back. We met with our  Swiss friends in Otmuchow, south of Wroclaw/Breslau and had a relaxed evening with pasta, wine and Scotch. We then decided to visit the salt mine in Wieliczka/Groß Salze, an impressive (but really touristy) World Heritage Site near Kraków/Krakau. The chapels 130 metres below the earth’s surface simply are gorgeous pieces of artwork and the children were totally impressed by the mysterious and fairy-tale-like moods in the mine’s caves and caverns (Anouk, of course, simply loved the mine-dwarves!). From Kraków/Krakau, yesterday, we went to Niedzica just about 8 km as the crow flies from the Slovakian border. Where we want to go next, we don’t know so far. We stay here for another night and discuss the route for the next few days. As for the Carpathian Mountains a weather-mixture of sun, rain, clouds and thunderstorms is to be expected, and we are looking for good weather (Juliane: “I have booked 35 degrees Celsius ... I want my money back! ... But, then, who knows a vampyre-movie with good weather!?“), we have no “master plan“ so far on where to go next! What are your ideas??


As usual, we have packed far too many bits and pieces ... we’ve got to reduce!

One thing that’s new is a wonderful present we got from our Swiss friends: a soap stone slab customized for the Coleman Stove. We tested it yesterday, and it is great for BBQs and preparing grilled antipasti, fried egg, pancakes or toast. It’ll go on travelling with us! Who says that good food and overlanding doesn’t go together!?


Anyway, that’s it for today ... All the best to you and a big THANKS to all our followers on and Facebook.

One More Night!


One more night and we’ll be on the road again. First, we’re using the “Autobahn“ to cover the distance to the meeting point with our Swiss friends on a small campsite in the South-Eastern corner of Germany, bordering Poland and the Czech Republic as fast as possible. Then, we are going to leave the highways and will follow backroads less travelled by.

During the next weeks the overall plan is to follow the border between Poland, Czechia and Slowakia to reach the isolated Carpathian Mountains in Ukraine and Romania. Of course, there can be no fixed route, especially because the political situation in Ukraine could be subject to a swift change to the negative and dangerous for independent travellers like us. Still, everybody tells us that Ukraine is not only very beautiful, but also full of wonderful and very hospitable people. We’ll have to wait and see!

The kids can’t wait to be on the road again and are aching for campfires, wild camping, barbecues and their Swiss friends they have missed so dearly during the last three months.



It all began somewhere in Australia’s Western Desert: ... the campfire casting shadows across the bush and zillions of stars above us (most surely with the help of a good bottle of Australian redwine) sparked the dream to start travelling in our own 4-wheel and for a longer period. Surviving a nearly fatal accident in Australia in 2009 made clear to us that only a large 4-wheel could be the car for us!

It took us another three years of dreaming and planning and in 2011, there it was: a brand new Land Rover 110 was handed over to us. Bit by bit the dream started to become reality and slowly and thoroughly we converted the Land Rover into a proper overland vehicle

Our two daughters were born in 2009 and 2012 and they really seem to enjoy our nomadic lifestyle ... What a great gift they are! Another dream come true!

Two shakedown trips to Scandinavia and the Pyrenees followed in 2012 and 2013.

This year’s “Overland Reunion“ also was a great step in the process proving that there are people feeling and dreaming the same way we do ... Thanks to you all, you gave us a warm welcome – just like coming home!

And, here we are today: Still one year to go for the long overland journey but only two days to go until we start our first “real“ overland adventure and “go East“.

As planned, here is our overland blog ... we hope you’ll enjoy it. Please feel free to contact us or register, and post comments.

It is great to see that things are possible – one just has to grab the chance and go for it!

4-wheel-nomads (Mischa)