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  1. Libby

    Hello! I am the other half of Paddy. We are the very disorganised family from Cornwall setting off in September. We are currently having a total nightmare with our Toyota… we seem to have bought the only Toyota that brakes down all the time. It is currently getting more new parts fitted. We haven’t even managed a picnic in it yet!!

    If we haven’t been in touch apologises, Paddy is worse than me but we are both terrible at communicating. I have been trying to start a blog, to be able to put a few things up about is, but really cannot think of anything interesting to say!! Having a look at yours is terrifying… you are SO organised and seem to have everything planned to the last detail. An inspiration and something for us to aspire too :) . So far we have a broken down truck, a few wolf boxes with stuff in and a kit list.

    Anyway, I thought I would say Hi and send my email address, I also liked you on facebook. Really look forward to meeting you pretty soon.

    Best Wishes,


  2. Gernot Armbruster

    Hallo ihr 4 Lieben!
    Danke nochmals für eure nette Gesellschaft am Gialos Beach auf Lefkada und Mischas Hilfe mein Auto aus dem Sand zu schieben.
    Wir sind nach einer Woche Kefalonia wieder dort hin zurückgekehrt und haben die restliche Woche an diesem Traumstrrand verbracht.
    Für das nächste mal ein Tipp: am nördlichen Ende des Strandes gibt es eine Quellfassung, aus einem Rohr läuft frisches Quellwasser (Trinkwasser!) ununterbrochen raus, was für eine Verschwendung ;o)
    Wir hoffen, es geht euch gut. Alles Gute noch für eure weitere Reise, wir “verfolgen” euch.
    LG, Gernot


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