4-wheel-nomads are

Juliane, born in 1981, holds a master's degree in Educational Science, Psychology and Sports and at the moment works as a teacher at a small German boarding school. After graduating from high school, Juliane worked as an “Au Pair“ in Durham, North Carolina and as a swimming instructor in Sydney, New South Wales. While at university, Juliane did voluntary work as a crew member of the Triple Masted Toppsail Schooner “Thor Heyerdahl“. Juliane likes traveling and all kinds of sports, but especially swimming, dancing and horseback riding.

Mischa, born in 1974, studied Cultural Anthropology and African Studies and holds a master's degree in English, Biology and Educational Science. Mischa works as a senior teacher and boarding director at a small German boarding school. Among many other things, he loves blogging, music, running, reading and cooking ... and overlanding in the Land Rover, of course!

Juliane and Mischa met in 2003 while working together on the SS “Thor Heyerdahl“ for the "High Seas High School", sailing with pupils around the British Isles. That certainly planted the seed for our future nomadism and vagabonding and the love of overlanding. This encounter also set the basis for the small family with the two daughters, Anouk and Sóley.

Anouk Juulke was born in 2009 and loves all kinds of things, such as horseback riding, swimming, listening to anybody reading out a story for her, painting ... and – after some warming up – talking to almost anybody she meets. On Overlander’s campsites, Anouk knows more people than we do after just about half a day – actually, almost everybody knows her by then! At the moment, Anouk wants to learn her parent's "secret language", English!

Sóley Kaja was born in 2012 and keeps her parents busy because she is extremely adventurous – next generation overlanders. Sóley is even more talkative than Anouk!

Both girls like travelling in the Land Rover (they fall asleep nearly as soon as the engine is running) and being in the great outdoors.