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We support the German/Ethiopian NGO "Adigrat Vision - Zukunft für äthiopische Kinder e.V.". Adigrat Vision runs a kindergarden in the town of Adigrat in the North of Ethiopia and tries to improve the social conditions of the poorest families and their children there.

The Muskoka Foundation's vision is to create a network of hundreds of modern day explorers, traveling to communities around the world, using their professional skills to do good as they go. Unlike many of the 'voluntourism' type Gap Year programs, The Muskoka Foundation's global travelers are seasoned professionals such as doctors, teachers, entrepreneurs and consultants. They have valuable skills and knowledge to contribute through our portfolio of workshops and programs. There is a growing community of people in the "developed world", who have the means and the passion to explore this amazing planet that we live on. (Text taken from the Muskoka Foundation's website.)

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