One More Night!


One more night and we’ll be on the road again. First, we’re using the “Autobahn“ to cover the distance to the meeting point with our Swiss friends on a small campsite in the South-Eastern corner of Germany, bordering Poland and the Czech Republic as fast as possible. Then, we are going to leave the highways and will follow backroads less travelled by.

During the next weeks the overall plan is to follow the border between Poland, Czechia and Slowakia to reach the isolated Carpathian Mountains in Ukraine and Romania. Of course, there can be no fixed route, especially because the political situation in Ukraine could be subject to a swift change to the negative and dangerous for independent travellers like us. Still, everybody tells us that Ukraine is not only very beautiful, but also full of wonderful and very hospitable people. We’ll have to wait and see!

The kids can’t wait to be on the road again and are aching for campfires, wild camping, barbecues and their Swiss friends they have missed so dearly during the last three months.

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