Farewell to Africa …

It is just one more night in Africa, only a couple of hours, and we will board a plane and be homeward bound. This time, it will take us only a few hours to cover the distance between South Africa and Germany ... something that on-road in our Land Rover took us a complete year.

At the Gizeh pyramids in Egypt, October 2015

All alone at the Abu Simbel temples, Egypt October 2015

The Pyramids at Gebel Barkal, Sudan November 2015

Gondar, the ancient capital of Ethiopia, November 2015

The holy city of Axum in Ethiopia, December 2015 ... is the Ark of the Covenant really stored here in this very church?

The famous rock-hewn churches in Lalibela, Ethiopia December 2015

The Ol Doinyo Lengai, the holy mountain of the Massai, Tanzania January 2016

The Dead Vlei in Namibia, March 2016

Camping in the Okavango Delta in Botswana ... no fences! May 2016

Cape Agulhas, Africa's southernmost tip, South Africa June 2016


The Cape of Good Hope in South Africa, June 2016


A retrospect: it was sometime in the autumn of 1992 when Mischa's English teacher taught the topic "South Africa" in Mischa's English major course. Those were interesting times back then: the fall of the Berlin Wall had just happened, in 1990 Nelson Mandela was set free in South Africa after 27 years of imprisonment, and in April 1994, finally, while Mischa was still sweating over his A-Level exams, the first free elections in South Africa took place. For politically active college students the topic "South Africa" was extremely interesting and important at that time. During the lessons the movie "Cry Freedom" by Richard Attenborough, focusing on the South African "Black Consciousness" activist "Bantu Steven Biko" and his death in police custody in 1977 caused by the South African Police was being watched and interpreted.

Bantu Steven Biko

At Steve Biko's grave in Ginsberg, King Williams Town together with Stan Weakley

... This movie is still one of our absolute favourites.

Where would Steve Biko be now had he not been killed by the apartheit policemen?

For us now at the end of this long overland journey through Africa, it is very exciting and touching at the same time that we end this adventure here in the very region where Steve Biko spent many years and which later also became his "banning area".


Steve Biko's house in the township of Ginsberg, King Williams Town



We have come to yet another full circle here ... and we are extremely thankful that we were - 24 years after the end of Apartheit - able to make this dream of Transafrica with children come true. A dream that might got it's initial spark sometime when Mischa was still at school. ... Life is so incredibly fascinating!



Thanks, Jessica "Ess" Calder for creating this piece of art for 4-wheel-nomads


We want to finish here with yet another big "Thank You!" to all Africans, all new travel friends, our "old" friends from all over the world, family members and supporters. All of you have been and still are part of this successful overland adventure! Especially, we want to thank our sponsors, "Reise Know-How", "Offroad Manufaktur Hamburg", "Petromax/Feuerhand", "Ebeling Logistics", "Fanello" and "Druckerei Söker" for their support!


We hope that with our travel, our reports and photos on our blog and on Facebook, we not only have let our friends and family participate in this trip but have also helped shaping the picture of the continent of Africa and her people from the perspective of the "Western World" to a more realistic one. This would yet be another great success!

Also, we hope to have shown that traveling overland with young children is not only "possible", but extremely enriching.


Our last salute from Africa shall ring with "Nkosi Sikelel' iAfrika", the doubtlessly most beautiful and magic African anthem, the very song that - in the past having been the hymn of the resistance against apartheit and colonialism - now has become the national anthem of the new South Africa ... We have heard this song - translated in many different African languages - again and again on this trip, sometimes blown with the winds from far away in situations that would have been great to witness ...


Bye bye, Africa, for now! You will always be very precious to us!

Juliane, Mischa, Anouk and Sóley Stahl


2 thoughts on “Farewell to Africa …

  1. Judith Vosseberg

    Hallo ihr vier!

    Wir wünschen euch einen angenehmen Heimflug und eine gute und glückliche Wiederkehr in der Heimat! Während ihr am Wochenende vielleicht schon wieder in Spiekeroog seid, werden wir uns am Montag auf eure Spuren begeben und unsere Transafrikatour starten!

    Ganz liebe Grüße

    Judith, Jochen, Hannah, Lea, Ruben und Marie

    1. Juliane und Mischa Post author

      Hallo zurück … vielen Dank für Eure Grüße! Wir sind ab morgen Abend in Lemgo in Westfalen …Wo werdet Ihr am Montag lang fahren? Wir sind dann in Bielefeld und machen einen Zwischenstopp u.A. bei Reise Know-How. Falls wir uns nicht mehr vor Eurer Abreise sehen sollten wünschen wir Euch schon jetzt eine wundervolle Reise. Geniesst die wertvolle Familienzeit. Meldet Euch bitte, wann immer wir Euch irgendwie unterstützen könnten.
      Ganz Liebe Grüße aus (noch ganz kurz) Südafrika, Eure 4 Stahls


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