Check! From Cairo to the Cape

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Well, actually it should mean "from Spiekeroog (Germany) to the Cape of Good Hope (South Africa)"! We have managed it! After 344 days on the road and 34023 kilometres today, the 17th June 2016 at 11:51 o'clock, we have reached "Cape Point", the "Cape of Good Hope", together with Land Rover friends Cathy Calder and Ross MacLean Calder. What a great moment!

The "Cape of Good Hope" in itself is a great place. But, honestly, compared to Cape Agulhas, Agulhas has more "magic" to it ... also because when we were there, there were no tourists around and at the "Cape of Good Hope" we had to stand in line to take photos. ... But maybe, we are just a bit unhappy that this Transafrican trip for us now will be over so very soon.


Cape Agulhas - just magic!


A couple of days ago, on the 9th June we stood at "Cape Agulhas", the southernmost tip of Africa. This place is far less touristy than the "Cape of Good Hope"! Behind us there was the trip with all the great experiences and in front of us, down South, only the sea and Antarctica! You can't beat that feeling!

Our stay at "Cape Agulhas Backpackers" was just wonderful and again, both us and our daughters have made new friends there. We will come back there in only a few days! A truly magical place!

The backpacker's in Cape Agulhas is a wonderful place - especially if you travel with children!

Even more new friends!

Certainly we have succeeded! We have made our dream of an extended family overland trip through Africa in a Land Rover come true! It is great to know that each and every one of us is part of a family team and all the four of us have our share in the family's success!

But it is also clear that that we have made it on this adventure through Africa is not only the result of our own personal energy, endurance and commitment, but that of the complete "team" behind it.

First of all we have to give a big "Thank You!" to the innumerous number of wonderful Africans we have met on this trip. You are the most friendly, welcoming, warm-hearted and sharing people we have met in our lives! Africans of all skin color, religious and cultural background and origin have been the most important aspect of this trip! These experiences will for ever stay in our hearts! Africa absolutely rocks!

And Berlin is so far away!


Traveling is so great - meeting new friends again and again. Thanks, Ross and Cathy with Melissa and Aisha for being part of this wonderful day!


And then there is the "team" of people who directly helped us before and during this overland journey. Without the friendship, support, help and inspiration of all you people named below, we would not be where we are today ... So, we simply want to say "Thank you!" to you all for long nights of talking, dreaming and planning, for advice concerning overlanding, gear and converting the Land Rover, for constructing this blog, for on-the-road help, for a place to stay for the night, for sharing food, stories, knowledge and information, for traveling together ... and many other things, most of all for humanity, friendship and love. Thanks - and you'll be with us wherever we go!

the Jansen and Stahl families and all our close friends; Mohamed Abouda; Patricia & Rikki Abuda; the team at "Abu Simbel Clinic"; the staff at "Adigrat Vision e.V. Kindergarten" in Adigrat; the members of "African Overlanders"; the team at "Agoro Lodge", Adigrat; the members of "Australian Land Rover Owners"; Dr. Awimbo; Judy & David Batten; Jacqueline Belcher; Luisa & Graeme Bell ("A2A expedition"); Camille, David, Lucille and Felix Bellais ("DaCaLuF"); Uschi Berger ("Seabridge"); Irmgard & Max Beyer ("Dornhügel" & "Beyer Self-Catering"); Magdi Boshara; Mélanie, Arnaud, Liou, Jade & Alix ("Lafamille Bostrotters"); Ian Boyd and the team at "CMC Automobiles Ltd." in Arusha; Scott Brady ("Overland Journal" & "Expedition Portal"); Stephanie Bretonniere & Normand, Gaspard & Faustine Roux ("KUMP around the world"); The "Bundu Rovers Land Rover Club" in Kenya; Dr. Elke Busch; the Bürkert family; Erin & Malan Conradie and the team at "Cape Agulhas Backpackers"; Hans Derveaux; Dr. Karamba Diaby; Erato & Konstantinos Dolkas; Elisabeth & Augustine Douillet; the Ebeling family ("Spedition Ebeling"); the team at "Spedition Ebert"; Samuel Embiza & Genet Bizen; the team at "Eskaleh Nubian Ecolodge" in Abu Simbel; the crew and members of "Expedition Portal"; Georg Feil; the Freyer family ("Claratal"); Hugo Gaarden; Olga Gaumann; Hagos Gebremariam, Elsa Saarsema & their extended family; Beniam Gebretensai; Dr. Stefan Geuer; Nicola Ghaui ("Kisolanza Farm"); Lilli Gramberg-Danielsen; Jörn Gressmann and the team at "Fiume Bush Camp"; Marie, Thomas, Louison, Leonine, Oscar & Achille Gueudet ("6 en piste"); Laura Marleen Harder ("Petromax" & "Feuerhand"); Uwe Hasubek; Florian Fock and our colleagues at "Hermann Lietz – Schule Spiekeroog"; the members of "HUBB"; the members of "International Overland Families"; Claudia Janssen ("Wildjourney"); Zbynek Janousek, Martin Pouba & Kamil Prokop ("Around-Africa"); "John", "Bill" and the team at "JBK Land Rover Specialists" in Athens; Duncan Johnson ("African Overlanders"); Katie Jones; Dr. Christiane Kamps; Sami Kangas; Petra & Philip Kaupa; Dr. Hayelum Khsay; Dr. Matthias Krüger; Stefan Krummreich & Jasmin; Anna Lamaj; the members of "Land Rover Owners International"; Kirsty, Tommy, Sally & Indy Larmour ("Letters from the Larmours"); Dr. Claudia Lauterjung & Martin Schwarzwälder; the Leiste family; Kidane Lemlem and his family; Dr. Gerhard Liening; Lefteris Linos and the team at "Mani Beach Camping"; Prof. Dr. Dr. Matthias Löhnert & Dr. Dr. Susanne Löhnert; Dr. Andrea & Dr. Gerd Mader; Nermien Mamish, Fathy El Said and the team at "CSF" in Alexandria; Cathy Calder & Ross MacLean Calder, & Cameron MacLean Calder; Marit van Meekeren & Jan van Os; Ady Meili ("Fanello"); Debbie, Adriaan & Stefanus van der Merwe and Susan & Wouter Taljaard ("Eisgaubib"); Marina & Heinz-Werner Meyer; Ivar Mjøvik-Hoel; Adam Mkwawa, Chief of the Hehe, and his family; Kamal Muawad; Sheikh Mohammad Mubarak and his extended family; Jennifer Myrick Sparks; Ulla Nagelschmitz; András Németh; Dr. Marguerite, Dr. Hugo, Frankie & Ernest van Niekerk; the team at "N'Kwazi Lodge" in Rundu, Namibia; Christophe Noel ("Expedition Portal" & "Overland Journal"); Karl-Gunnar Norén; Tyseer Omer; Katja & Lennart Petersen; Amanda Philipps and the team at "River Valley Camping"; Florian Raasch, Micha Schäfers and the team at "Offroad Manufaktur Hamburg"; Ute Ramming-Spitzer; Jan Reiners & Kirsten Schiller-Reiners; the team at "Reise Know-How Verlag Peter Rump GmbH" (esp. Franziska Feldmann, Birgit Hempel, Peter Rump and Gunda Urban-Rump); Mika Riecken; Dr. Yolanda Rodemer Bernardo & Dr. Gerald Rodemer; Dr. Thomas Roos; the members of "SaharaSafaris"; Bara Sarr & Ngone Fall; Cleodene Sauls ("AASA"); Edgar Sauerbier; Mohammad Sayed; Birgit Schade & Gerald Aper; Dominik Schenke ("Cologne to Capetown"); Familie Smolana ("Alpengasthof Koralpenblick"); Familie Söker & Dieter Schwarz ("Druckerei und Verlag Söker"); Dörte Stähler; Ulli Stirnat & Lena Wendt ("A Journey"); Eulouka & Wynand Stolp with Ayla; Flora, Lars, Chantal & Erik Svensson; Jonas Taureck ("Petromax" & "Feuerhand"); Annette Theeron; Wil Tondok ("Reise Know-How Verlag Tondok"); Karin-Marijke Vis & Coen Wubbels ("Landcruising Adventure"); Wolfgang Vogel; Annelene Wagner; Sam Watson and the "Cairo Sand Rovers"; Anne & Dr. Stan Weakley ("Slow Donkey") with Sarah & Peter Weakley & Christel Koops; Brian Wilkinson; Silvia & Christoph Wintersberger ("Mankei-Travel"); the members of "Wüstenschiff"; Candelaria, Pampa, Tehue, Paloma, Wallaby & Herman Zapp; The people of Zikallay, Tigray, Ethiopia; Anna Zintich ("ADAC"); Friedhelm Zirkoli; Esther, Bas, David & Angél Zuidberg ("Migrating Mountains"); all our followers on Facebook and on our blog

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  1. Annette Theron

    Hey you four Nomads! What a pleasure it was to have met you! I wish you all the very best back in the Northen hemisphere, enjoying all the wonderful memories you have collected over the last year.. Until we meet again!!
    Love, Annette Theron xx


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