Krüger National Park

Certainly, we had imagined beforehand that the "Krüger National Park" in South Africa would be one of the highlights of our Transafrican adventure ... The reality turned out to be even more spectacular.

With roundabout 20.000 square kilometres (half of Denmark or the Netherlands) the Krüger is one of the largest national parks is all Africa. For about 350 kilometres the national park follows the South African-Mocambique border and is immensely diverse in landscape, ecosystems, plants and animals. In contrast to the "Moremi Game Reserve" in Botswana, here almost all the roads are either tar or good gravel, which might look a bit "unromantic" at first glance, but is great fun to easily drive around for days and see a multitude of animals - even along and next to the roads.


And: we saw all of the "Big Five" (elephant, rhino, water buffalo, lion, leopard) here ... without booking a game drive but completely on our own using our Land Rover.


Our first Leopard! Beautiful and majestic!


"Our" Leopard's prey hanging in a tree ... that's how we found it. But really spotting the Leopard took us a lot of time - so well camouflaged they are!


Our first male lion(s)!


The Buffalo ... "Nyati" in Kiswahili, the name the kids gave out Land Rover


This guy didn't make it!


A Rhino directly next to our car ... quite scary actually! They are soo big!


And here are Elephants



Elephants don't seem to like Zebras!


... not at all!


Elephant skull


Apart from the "Big Five", we saw a multitude of other beautiful animals. Here is just a selection ...

First the birds:


A Saddle Billed Stork


A Lalic Breasted Roller


A Ground Hornbill


... And some more four-legged animals:


Hippos are cool!


Relaxing on the beach!


A Spotted Hyaena


A Bush Bock


Giraffe - we saw so many since Kenya, but still they are always impressively beautiful again!


Fighting Springbock




Crocs are cool ... it's like looking through a window of time into the time when the dinos roamed this planet!

Accomodation in Krüger is quite good. At Letaba, we stayed together with our Dutch friends Jan and Marit in a wonderful house overlooking the Letaba River. At Skukuza and Berg-en-Dal we booked small rondavels.


Our house at Letaba Restcamp


A house with a view


Nighttime ... and a braai of course!


Our favorite dessert: braaid "zebra" banana with chocolate - great with Amarula!


Some of the camps have museums which we used for travel-schooling our kids.


We absoultely enjoyed every minute spent in Krüger!

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