Home, home on the range … A weekend on a cattle farm in Namibia


Our hosts in Windhoek, Debbie and Adriaan, invited us to come with them to their farm for a weekend ...


Their farm "Eisgaubib" is roundabout 110km away from Windhoek, but it feels like being in the middle of nowhere ... well, actually it really is. The farm is situated in a beautiful mountain area, the next neigbors live tens of kilometres away and it actually has a size five times the size of the island we live on, about 100 square kilometres. And this farm is not even one of the biggest ones in Namibia.


The small "farm shop" ... even people from other farms come here to buy things they need ranging from Coke to nails.


Originally, this farm was sold to it's first owner by the "state", when Namibia was still "Deutsch Südwestafrika", German South West Africa. Over the years, it had many owners and Debbie and Adriaan bought it to finance the university studies of their four children.

Wherever you go you meet old friends ...

... and this one ...

... and this one ...

... mmh! ...


... and this very special Land Rover Series 3/2 Zebra Conversion.


The "good ol' times" were really hard - for man and animals!



Farm life is not easy, but it is nice after a week's job in the office in Windhoek, to go into the open country and do some "real" work - and see the result of a hard working day at the end of it. Over the week the farm workers follow their daily routines and at the weekend Debbie and Adriaan come to stay, work and plan the following week(s).


A farm visitor not so welcome!


As at the moment, southern and central Namibia is suffering under a draught (after three years with less rain than usual), the farmers have a pretty hard life as their livestock don't find enough food in the open.

Fully loaded with fodder!

Distributing the fodder.

New farm worker!

Bone dry farm!

You can see that owning a farm is one of Anouk's dreams for her future!

Fear of dogs?? Gone!

So, every farmer has a special recipe to mix good fodder out of hay, molasses, shredded shrubs ... and whatever secret ingrediences else. This has to be distributed to the many fodder places on the farm. Sometimes, if a draught continues, farmers have to send their cattle to the butcher and reduce the size of the herd.


Back from work!


Out bush ...

A really big one ... could we "braai" it?

Unlike Germany, in Namibia, most livestock have large areas of land to grase and live ... Also, there is no stable where they are during nighttimes. To be able to defend themselves - and more probable their calves - the farmers don't cut the horns. Still, every once in a while the leopards take a calf or even a weak bull or cow. This wild life certainly is one of the "secret recipies" behind Namibias impressively good meat quality! You can have Beef, Mutton, Oryx, Kudu, Ostrich, Zebra and certainly a lot more different varieties of meat and everything is really tasty!


... rest!


... and solitude and silence!


But the evenings on a farm are absolutely gorgeous: after a day of hard work you see the sun going down, the surrounding mountains change colour every five minutes ... and it is stunningly beautiful.


Storytelling, braaiing, listening to the birds, braaiing, drinking, braaiing ...


The only noises you hear are the birds and the wind in the trees. What more do you need than that, and maybe a glass of good red wine or a whisky in your hand!? Someone has just started the fire for a later "Braai" and the fumes of the fire tickle your nose ... It doesn't take much time until it is getting darker and darker ... and then the stars come out ... We have never felt lonely or sad under the roof of the "Million Star Hotel", but being really part of "it". Nature can be so very wonderful!

... But, as the next morning - apart from Sundays - work is already waiting, nobody stays up too long.


Independence day cup-cakes!


... But, we have to leave this wonderful place (for a while!) and move on ...

Whaaaat?! Back home again!?


We were doing 70kmh ... AND THEY OVERTOOK US! ... EVEN THE YOUNG ONE!


Full of power and pride! Really Impressive ... and tasty!


Beautiful rock formations!

One thought on “Home, home on the range … A weekend on a cattle farm in Namibia

  1. Annette Theron

    Dear Mischa, Julianne, Anouk and Soley!

    What a wonderful weekend we enjoyed with you! It was great to see you all again! Thank you for all the tasty food, and good conversarion. Traveling really brings the most pleasant and precious people into one’s life. What a priviledge to have met you. I really hope that there would an opportunity again in future to sit around a fire (inside or outside!) and just dig out magic memories.!
    Enjoy the next stage of your travels… we keep contact! Love, Annette xx


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