Zambia …

Did we know anything about this country before visiting? No, not really!

Our first impressions - after the border! - were quite good: good roads (with only a few potholes) and very clean ... Everybody we met on the road was very friendly and spoke English quite well.


As we had this squealing, twittering noise coming from the front part of our Land Rover, we wanted to go to "Foleys Land Rover Specialists" as soon as possible, as they have a very good reputation and would certainly be able to help us with our problem. This meant that Zambia would be more of a transit country, as Foleys is in Livingstone, just next to the borders with Zimbabwe, Botswana and Namibia.

We stayed one night in the "Mapontela Guesthouse" in Serenje and one on the "Moorings Campsite", both places we would recommend (reasonable prices, clean and quiet), and then moved on to Livingstone near the famous Victoria Falls.

As tiny hostel rooms in Livingstone for us four would have been between US$60 and US$80 per night, we tried to find something else and found "Mose Street Apartements", a place, where local tourists would go. From our perspective this is "the" place in Livingstone for overlanders, as they have small flats with bathroom and small kitchenette for one up to six persons at a very reasonable price (we paid 600Kwacha, about 48 € per night, and the room is cleaned every day and so is the car!) and the car is parked in a walled courtyard guarded 24/7 ...


At Foleys, they perfectly serviced our Land Rover (84€ and that included new engine and gearbox oils but not the filters, which we had still onboard). The "twittering-squealing-problem" turned out to be the double-cardonic (front) prop shaft which has to be fitted in a "Puma" you want to give it a suspension lift. As the spares Foleys could get would not be of a good quality, they told us to rather go to Namibia, maybe as far as Windhoek, and have it repaired or replaced there. What an honest garage! We would always recommend Foleys to every Land Rover owner traveling through Africa! They are very thorough, maybe even more thorough than many garages in Germany.

Being in Livingstone, you can't not go to the Vistoria Falls ... and we can tell you: they are really impressive! You can even see the spray from kilometres away.


"Mosi-oa-Tunya", in English "The "Victoria Falls" ... So impressive due to the heavy rainfalls in this part of Africa.


Sometimes you can't see anything because of the "fog".


Vic Falls - the "other side".

... relatively peaceful ... but you can see the spray coming up.

We can imagine that this place must have been pure magic for the people who lived here before the Europeans came to Africa. "The Smoke that Thunders" still is magic and simply very impressive ... we were quite rain-experienced by then, but here, the "four dimensional rain" really is coming from all sides ...


The Vic Falls are great ... but at some point in time we want to experience Africa without rain again!


The "Victoria Falls Bridge", constructed in England and completed in 1905, crosses the Zambezi linking Zimbabwe on one side and Zambia on the other.


After a great week in Livingstone (good shopping facilities and the museum is quite nice), we went on to Namibia ...

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