New Bits ‘n’ Pieces

In this post, we are simply presenting some updating bits and pieces to you … (so, no photos, I’m afraid!)

Of course, as in not more than ten days, we will be in Ethiopia, we are getting very excited about that. The flights to Addis Abeba and then to Mekele are booked and so are the transfers and overnight stays in hotels. Also, we’ve got the business visa for Ethiopa in our hands. We are sure that the time spent in Ethiopia will be impressive, exciting and really enriching for us.

Then, we made some more steps concerning our sabbatical year starting next summer. Yesterday, we booked one-way-flights to Buenos Aires for the middle of July next year. We were really lucky to get really cheap Lufthansa flights for between 500,00€ (children) and 600,00€ (adults). Some travel agencies are able to book Air/Sea tickets which are considerably cheaper than other single tickets.

As you can see from the flight destination, we have opted for the “traditional way” to get to South America via Buenos Aires and Montevideo. There are no route plans, as we want to decide where to go when we get there … This also leaves open the question from where and when we are going to go back to Europe. We want to have as much freedom for decisions as possible.

Concerning the shipping of the Land Rover, we found out that it is really good to compare the different prices different agencies offer. For us, this means that shipping the Landy will cost us between about 2.200,00 € (20′ container) and about 4.000,00 € (RoRo). We did not expect such a big difference of about 1.800,00 € between different agencies and shipping methods. Looks like we’ve got more money to be spent “on the road” for South America.

One thing we have to excuse for is that we have not been able to answer all emails sent to us by readers of this blog so far. Work at home on the island is keeping us busy 24/7 and it will take some time to be able to answer these mails. Hopefully, we don’t forget anybody. Please let us know if we do so.

Then, we have a new sponsor: another member of the Reise Know-How group, Reise Know-How Verlag H. Hermann has joined 4-wheel-nomads and will also support us in the planning process. Thanks a lot for that.

We are going to keep you updated with our first impressions from Ethiopia and from our long journey to get there in just a few days.

All the best,


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